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The blend of waxes, oils and soap in this beautiful soft wax is an ideal finish for many decorative surfaces. It goes especially well also with the Venetian Plaster that we have coming( and wall stencils). Soapstone wax loves porous surfaces such as Milk paints, chalk paints, fresco, and the list goes on ....These kinds of coatings are a match made in heaven. This product can be built up in layers.. you can tint it with a minute amount of BOTANICS furniture paint or Ultimate finish mineral paint.

L’Essentiel aim to keep all of our finishes as traditional as possible while keeping green and clean and we love diversity and keeping ahead of the game. This wax lends itself to many, many applications as soon you will find out.


This product is an incredible product to use over our NEW ultimate finish range of paints. Although they don't need sealing, this wax makes it silky soft to touch.