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No Mixing, No Chipping, easy milk paint. 100% authentic milk paint ingredients.

Coverage of European Milk Fresco is roughly 10-14 Square M per litre depending on the surface and the coverage you are wanting. EMF can be diluted to your liking so you can use it as a wash only. You can dilute up to 40% or more to achieve a very sheer wash of colour( a true lime wash). When creating a lime wash it works best with a timber with an open heavy grain.
EMP when used straight out of the jar, should be applied over a base coat of something( the lime content can discolour some raw timbers and react with tannin). This could be, any one of our products. You may choose to use a complimentary colour out of the Botanics range or base and blocker, even UF.

An old world Milk fresco finish is mottled, uneven, has texture, has character and changes over time(it will develop a natural patina).The colour will also depend on how you seal it, you can seal it with any of our sealers or waxes however  Soapstone( it was originally created for this product) is our preference. Colours can change slightly as they age, this is due to a reaction from the lime and milk content.
As mentioned previously this product can be used on most substrates. Brick walls, Gyp-rock, timber and the list goes on.

This is not a product for someone who wants to achieve a perfect slick finish, they will not achieve a chippy finish either.
A wax resist will not make EMF chip, the only way at all to encourage some form of chip or crack is using over crackle medium, or applying the product thick like mud and applying heat from a hairdryer( even this will not promise chipping).

It is unlike the Milk paint(powdered) as you know it, from what is currently available. This is why we say, this paint is different.