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Mirage is a color that evokes a calming effect.

Reminiscent of the desert illusion, this dreamy blue-green hue with touches of gray is certain to create a nomadic atmosphere.


⭐️ 16 OZ - 473 ML

⭐️ Creamy, self-levelling and a one step paint.

⭐️ Zero Voc - Non toxic

⭐️ No prep required

⭐️ Just clean with Dixie Belle White Lightning

⭐️ Apply with a brush

⭐️ Built in topcoat, primer and stain blocker.

⭐️ UV, Mildew, Water and Grease Resistant

⭐️ Low reflective finish

⭐️ 21 day cure time

⭐️ DO NOT thin Silk unless using a sprayer

⭐️ Store between 10-30 degrees