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L'ESSENTIEL'S 100% natural & solvent free cutting board butter is designed to season and nourish your cutting boards, timber benches and utensils. This product is not only easy to use, it is durable and will offer the protection your timber kitchen items require to seal them safely and make them impervious to moisture.

We use hard drying oils and waxes in our formula to provide the durability your timber items(salad bowls, cutting boards, bench tops deserve.

This product will not taint your timber with an odour or scent that is undesirable for food preparation.

This product is 100% natural and does not contain solvents or petroleum based products.

There is 100g of goodness in each tin. A little goes a very long way.

Step 1. Clean your timber cutting board and ensure it is dry before applying our butter.( We suggest using lemon and sea salt to sanitize and remove odors from your timber items)

Step 2. Once your item is completely air dried, apply a small amount of cutting board butter with a soft lint free cloth(a chux cloth will work just fine). Apply all over your surface and rub in, remove excess with your cloth.

Step 3. Allow to absorb thoroughly, this may take up to 30mins. You can either buff to a sheen, or you may decide to apply another coat for extra protection.

Step 4. Allow 24 hours dry time for best results and durability.

We suggest you clean and nourish your cutting boards often.

** Warning - Hemp products may contain nut oils**