L'Essentiel Ultimate Finish is eco friendly.
Being water based, ultimate finish mineral paint is safe and easy to use.
Easy to clean and stain-resistant finish, very washable and durable.
Minimal prep is required on your projects and ultimate finish is self priming.
Latest technology resins & pigments are used in ultimate finish.
Sealing, waxing and top coating are not required, for those of you who love waxing, you still can.
Outstanding coverage, in most cases 500ml will cover 8 square meters or more.
Touch dry in 2 hours and cured within 7 days, no more waiting 30 days!.
Modern, sleek, matte finish.
You can easily shabby up ultimate finish as you do with chalk paints and milk paints.
Great range of colours that are not only different to our BOTANICS range of colours but perform differently, they are bold, beautiful and will take you to all corners of the globe for inspiration. Belgium, Mozambique or maybe the French Riviera?
Suitable for outdoor furniture pieces and UV resistant.
Because our product is Australian made our paint has been created to cope with the Australian climate and weather conditions.
No offensive odours, suitable for indoor use.
Compatible with the complete range of L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS furniture paints, decorative coatings and glazes.
Easy clean up with water for brushes, rollers and spray equipment.

We are Australian made and meet Australian standards.
Minimal prep, fast cure time added to the ease of use of the product, means quicker completion of your painted projects.

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