SCARLET - L'Essentiel Botanics Furniture Paint

SCARLET - L'Essentiel Botanics Furniture Paint

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L'Essentiel Botanics Furniture Paint is water based, eco safe, zero voc and made with added natural clays, chalk, minerals and pigments. This is your perfect go to product for all of your furniture and craft painting projects. It is self leveling and quick drying. Minimal prep is required. It is suitable for many applications including painting artists' canvases, painting metal and using as a stencil medium. This paint does not require waxing if you choose not to although waxes and glazes add depth to any paints and added protection.

1 litre will cover approx 13 square metres in normal conditions Suitable to brush, spray or use a roller. If spraying BOTANICS furniture paint, thin with water as necessary. Our product can be thinned up to 30%.

Water wash up and please dispose of used packaging in accordance with your local regulations.