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Botanics Patina Spray can be used to oxidize brass, copper and iron, giving a beautiful verdigris finish. Used in conjunction with Botanics copper metallic paint and our Copper, Bronze or Brass Powder you can create a faux Copper Patina finish. 

How to: 

Paint your piece any colour you like! For a true faux Patina finish paint a coat or two of L‘Essentiel Botanics metallic paint in any colour.

Once you have finished painting and while the paint is still wet sprinkle or dust some Copper Powder over any area you would like Patina to appear. 

Once you have finished dusting/sprinkling your copper powder spray your Patina Spray over your piece. Allow your piece to sit and dry. It can take around 15 minutes for the patina to begin showing. After the 15 minutes you can spray some more Patina spray to encourage more to Patina to appear, or alternatively apply a little more paint and sprinkle/dust some more Copper Powder on and spray again. 


You can keep layering and building this finish. 

Although you don’t need to seal the Patina we recommend applying 1-2 coats of L’Essentiel Flat Sealer to protect and stabilize the finish. 

Note: you can use any medium such as wax/gilding wax, topcoat or glaze instead of paint, you just need to work quickly so your medium is still wet so your Copper Powder has something to stick to. 


Please note that safety precautions do need to be taken with this product. We recommend wearing gloves and a mask to prevent breathing in the dust and spray. Please note that the Copper Powder is real Copper which has been ground into a fine dust, please take this into consideration if you have any medical conditions relating to Copper.